Here at Jockey Trading Aluminum & Glass Company provide you with a huge selection of automatic door solutions. Moreover, automatic slider doors can be used for a variety of functions and store sizes to make it simple for clients to enter the building.

Automatic sliding doors are a terrific alternative for providing easy access for persons with disabilities in addition to being a simple way for customers to enter your store or business and encouraging people in. For easy and disabled access, we provide square or round push pad automated doors, as well as push button switches and swing door operators. This is what makes us one of the top automatic sliding door suppliers in Qatar.

Automatic, swing, sliding doors

We provide automatic doors in Qatar for commercial and personal spaces. Our automatic sliders for doors in places like hospitals and nursing homes function best. Similarly, our sliding doors are also available for heavier doors like those in shops and offices. Regardless of your requirements, we will personalize it for you and on a budget.
Automatic sliding doors systems provide you with unparalleled customer convenience while blending with the aesthetics of most buildings.
Call us today at +974 33064457 and we will help you choose the perfect automatic sliding door for your space. Apart from sliding doors, we also handle the installation, maintenance and repair services, whenever needed.
Our customizable interior and exterior sliding doors with automatic/manual operations can be used for installation in various locations such as industrial, retail, commercial, etc.

Why choose us?

Here are a few of the factors that make us superior to our competitors.

  • Security and Safety
    we use high-quality glues and fitting glass. We prioritize consumer safety over anything else and hence use only premium products.
  • Strong and skilled team
    Our team of the experienced workforce have years of experience in the respective field and can help you in various ways.
  • Competitive price
    Our prices are competitive and give you the best quality products at a reasonable price. Jockey Trading Aluminum & Glass Company provides clients with supreme prices, quick & easy installation and maintenance.

Feel free to contact us at +974 33064457.

Jockey Aluminium & Glass Company offers Installation, commissioning and maintenance of all type for automatic doors according the customer’s specific requirements in association with Geze, Besam, Dorma and Tormax. Integrating with the latest technology we provide technical support, solutions, design and installation of glass wall systems to the increasing demand of the market