We at Jockey Trading are one of the top handrail suppliers in Doha. These parts are produced using the pultrusion method and contain up to 70% fiberglass.
Many industrial, commercial, and residential locations employ handrails. Since we have been providing services to residents of Qatar for so long, we have a thorough understanding of the regional market. We can meet all of your railing needs while staying within your budget. Contact us and let us know what you need, and we'll do everything we can to offer you the best possible answer.
Because handrails are lightweight but sturdy products, the demand for them is growing daily. A railing can be easily installed. Handrails are made of corrosion-free material, which allows them to easily survive various weather conditions.

Benefits of handrail

  • Resistance to Corrosion
  • Slip Resistant
  • Has incredible strength
  • Is Lightweight
  • Is Fire Retardant
  • Requires Minimal Maintenance
  • Quick fabrication
  • Comes with UV Protection
  • Hassle-Free Installation
  • Electronically Transparent
  • Electrically and Thermally non-conductive

Why choose us?

We provide both welded and modular-type handrails as per the customer’s request. There are so many reasons why we are the best choice for you. However, here are a few of the top handrail suppliers in Doha.

  • Security and Safety
    Your home or place of business will only have high-end items because we place a strong priority on client safety.
  • Excellent Crew
    Our staff is highly qualified and skilled, and they are capable of handling any project.
  • Reasonable pricing packages
    In addition to hassle-free installation and maintenance, we also provide affordable pricing packages.
Feel free to call us if you have any queries. Call us today at +974 33064457.