Jockey Aluminium & Glass Company is committed to render the best services to our customers since 1998. We have a long tradition of delighting our customers which is accomplished through the following practices:

Jockey Aluminium & Glass Company (JAG) offers an immense range of products to the requisites of the building industry, from villas to high towers. With business links and technical partnership with major aluminium and glass suppliers, JAG possesses the technical expertise and experience to execute challenging and time bound projects. Since humble beginning in 1998, the company projected a steady growth. In this term JAG became one of the leading companies for supply and installation of aluminium, glass, steel and kitchen cabinets for multi-storey buildings, villas and public buildings. In addition to the fabrication of curtain walling and cladding, JAG also design, manufacture and install structural steel and stainless steel components.

The confidence and reliability of clients, consultants and the architects placed JAG to complete thousands of small, medium and large scale projects. The application ofEnterprise Resource Planning software has helped the company in effective utilization of all resources. JAG has various business centres across Qatar displaying wide varieties of products and has its state of art production unit in the Industrial Area. The factory is well equipped with the benchmark in technology, and backed with a high performing team comprising multinational leading engineers, project managers and technicians enabling JAG to deliver turnkey solutions of any configuration and magnitude. Jockey Aluminium & Glass Company is committed towards a sustainable working environment, ensuring that every aspect of our activities is conducted in accordance with sound environmental practices.

  • Understanding the customer requirements and specifications
  • Practising Safety and Quality management
  • Procurement of the best quality products in the market
  • Reliable and Timely services
  • Optimal utilization of resources and ensuring safety at all stages